Time was really catching up with him and it was almost 6.40 AM. Thagicu as was his famous name back in his village was a class five lad and had been lucky enough to see a school door,unlike his peers who always manouvered their way daily to look after a demeaning number of cattle,a maximum of five…
He was to get to school by 7.00 AM.But today he had woken up a bit too late and off he was to school.On his way he realised he had not worn his socks, his school short and over and above all he had not polished up his shoes…No! not polishing but wiping up his shoes with water which was a rare resource at home.
He made his way back looked for the socks which were no where to be seen,he wore a short which was multicolored resulting from the creativity of his mother to seal off holes that had taken advantage of the friction at the back of the short and finally,he tried wiping the muddy shoes with a damp clothing which the family had used to dry their feet yester night.
That was done and he proceeded with his journey to school.
But yet another time he realised he had left a very important item that up to date is very crucial to school going children-his precious dish-which was not just a dish, but a blueband container he had secured long ago when he paid a visit to his aunt who resides in kawangware in Nairobi county.This dish contained a relatively large piece of ugali he had spared from his share of the previous nights “dinner” but one special thing,the piece lacked the greens that accompany such a meal due to insufficient amounts available last evening.This however made Thagicu a generous pupil-he would give half piece to his friend in exchange for a natural stew-half an ovacado..
And so back to our journey,he realised he had left this important dish that would have made his and the friends stomach go empty the whole day and so he had to go back for it..but it was getting late. about 6.50 AM and he was not anywhere near the school which was some few kilometres away but he went back for it.
Once again he was on his heels to school but he was so sure he had everything to sustain his stay at school during that day but too bad he had left his English Exercise book and he knew the teacher would be lucky to exercise his lawful duty of disciplining him and on figuring himself touch his toes and the falling of a water pipe  on his gluteus made him go back to fetch the book that he had forgoten in his mothers hut-the only hut that had light illuminating from the firewood and thus made a suitable study room for him..
It was almost 7.30,AM and still my subject had the hope of getting to school but he was anxious of the punishment that awaited him in a school where discipline was the key as the motto stated it.

“Its 5.45 AM-time to wake up”¬† The alarm to his new IPAD insisted… Thagicu was a then current director of a Trending bank in the country and too bad he realised, with all the tension of the beating he had to recieve as a result of lating school,he was in a dream..
He could not figure out in his current position forgetting to even wear socks on his way to work because it had become a lifestyle and then did he realise that back then in his dream it had been very hard for him to get back to his lifestyle because it was long gone and he could not imagine his children going through such a life…
Too funny for him he could not imagine in those past days forgeting to carry his blueband container of all things…Just because he could not fit in his past.
This far he had gone he was not going to let even the worst that happened to him drag him behind because he had realised not at any one point could he fit in his past…
The past had no portion in his future and he had made a resolution….HE COULDN’T FIT IN THE PAST..
Let us not be dragged behind by our past…We can always create climbing memories to a glorious future and make our present a better one….
#Still at my roots


The Silent Humanity.

Barely will you find them on the streets protesting for their rights and for a moment you may conclude that actualy they are the people who deny the protestors their rights.
A large of their population are always out doing something.You will find them by the roadside chewing everytime you happen to pass by them,only that you will never tell exactly what they chew considering the high number of chewable stuff nowadays…
You will find them at a construction site busy mixing up cement, shaping stones, plastering walls.
You will also find them at a common village base taking sweet drinks as they call them.. cheering a foot ball team or player.
Back in their homes you will find them milking and tendering the addition you will find them ploughing in their parents land portion and if lucky enough you may find them inherit a portion of it.
In the transport industry you will hear them shouting “Beba Beba!” .under the engine trying to make out a problem in a certain locomotive.In large numbers they will be at the steering wheel of most commercial locomotives learning from long distance ones to short distance ones the likes of  motorcycles and if i get my data right they dominate in the personal locomotives steering wheels..
In the learning institutions you will hear them dream of becoming engineers, pilots , drivers and the likes.
In the world of proffesionals, they in most cases form the directors,the CEO’s, the  Chancellors and the likes and in a country as ours, you will realise a large percentage forms the governing portion of the country
You will realise that the requirements set for them to access various opportunities are a bit raised be it chances to join colleges,job applications where you will find a statement encouraging their counterparts to apply for the same.
In the fishing industry you will be able locate them at the fishing boats either doing actual fish searching or selling the sea creatures to their counterparts either in exchange for cash or for some they prefer to exchange these free creatures for sex especialy in the case where their counterpart customer is financialy unstable.
Naturally and Bibilically they will be the heads of their families if lucky to have one but sometimes some may let down this important role and be under their counterparts.With such a role they will go ahead to dominate the preacher world..especially in the Roman Catholic where you find them as the only so reffered to as priests…
In the security sector ,they will always dominate a big percentage of the officers….more so they will be mostly the ones who respond to insecurity emergencies unlike their counterparts who dominate the city and county councils whose mission is in the office or in central market centres or rather in major streets chasing after hawkers and collecting taxes..
You will in most cases here them being reffered to as..Father,Man,Sir, Brother,Mister,Grandfather,Nephew boy and so on though this are their most common names.
As you journeyed with me it was oblivious i was reffering to the male gender and yes i was…
All am wondering about is… Why did you find it so easy to assume it was the males i was talking about and yet we are talking about gender role transformation and women empowerment?
Why is it that the counterparts of the gender i was talking about are always easy to find in the streets now and then as they claim to fight for their rights either in leadership or- but am a bit exceptional when they go out protesting against- rape issues in search for justice..?
Why is it that the goverment is out on a mission to have women representatives leadership in the system yet there are no men representatives but we keep on emphasizing on gender equality?, and (but i believe)i hope the men representatives are not assumed to be among the parliamentarians, senators and governors:despite this i have not of late seen the male protesting to have men representatives…..
As i think,i believe whether its male or female empowerment,whether its gender equality…i have seen all ideologies depend on the issue of how we take up tasks and how we appreciate what we find to do…be it a job,be it a learning opportunity among others,because at the end of the day we all have equal opportunities,we all have equal chances and infact there exist gender equality but our actions and determination determines which gender will be more equal than the other…
The only unequal thing about male and female is their biological roles.
by Elizabeth Wanjiru.